Holiday Cheer: The End-of-Year Reflections

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Good morning and welcome.

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You're listening to beside morning brew would be at Niles had coffee, who chat. chillin on the corner of lifestyle

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app and music straight on 91.5k would

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be jazz. Let's start with our sip of coffee. Oh yeah, that's it. Fantastic. You know, coming out there, right? What are you gonna do? What are we gonna do with it?

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I'm excited you coming down, bro

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dinner. We got to. We got to inhale. Maybe we've got to record a episode out there something we got to do. Should or do an extended episode.

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we're gonna record something.

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We definitely do. I love it. You know, we

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shouldn't your your espresso machine will be there by tapping.

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You know, it's funny brother. I was. I went I was on some errands, some Christmas errands the other day.

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I was I got one coming. Dude,

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I saw this. I walk through this coffee area just by accident. And I started laughing people probably in the store, but I thought I was nuts because I literally laughed out loud. I'm like that brother. Where's my mic? I laughed. I'm like, well, it's hearts in the right place. And that's cool. That's all that mattered to me.

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No, dude, I put I told you what happened? The first one I said, Yeah. You know, they didn't ship it because of backed up whatever. Because it was a sale thing. I got it. Okay. Yeah, but they didn't but I'm gonna I'm gonna send you a different

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one. All right. I'm excited for

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Dave's recruitment to the espresso machine, sir. Fair

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enough. Yeah, man. You know, maybe we should what's what's our favorite steak place? Not favorite. But where we did have a really? I

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think you try a different one. We Yeah, we did. We did the Weber cleavers. Cool. I think we had a good time. Last time there. But that was

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in New York, New York. That's what I'm trying to remember. That's the name. You're better at names. And I

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can't remember the name of Google. Yeah, something like that. We'll find someplace. I don't worry about that. That's easy. Yeah, we made this go back to that place at Red Rock and got great steaks to bar with the fireplace. Come on. Yeah, there was nothing wrong.

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It's true. But cleavers, man they got great cocktails, too. So

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yeah, it's in a weird little zone, man.

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Cool. Yeah. Well, we've got a lot to talk about. Oh, man. We know, I think the end of the year suggests time for meditation reflection.

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Well, you know, we, you know, you and I talked about this the other day about how normally we're always talking about into the next year, what's a New Year's resolution, that kind of that kind of mindset, but how often do we really, really go into, you know, like a year and reflection, like, add up all the things that went well, or didn't go too well, this past year? You know what I mean? It's, and I know, that's part of a New Year's resolution. But looking at it from a different perspective, I think just kind of you look deeper into what just happened to over the last 12 months, I

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think, Well, the reality is, it's impossible to create resolutions, if you haven't taken accountability or stock of what happened the year before, right? I think too many times we make resolutions without taking account for the past. So we don't recreate the same, you know, situate tanks or Yeah, or whatever you want to call them or Yeah.

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So, or, or be able to know what you did right to carry that into tomorrow to build on? Yeah, absolutely. Man I've been.

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We don't we don't do enough meditation. Yeah. And you know, meditation has this connotation of, you're just sitting there in silence. And yeah, it's like, yeah, that's part of it. That's being still for sure.

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Well, that's one exercise form of it. You can do it in many different ways. Really?

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Exactly. And I think it's important to realize that there's more ways to quote unquote, meditate. Yeah. Which I like to look at it as taking stock of or taking account for the positive and the negative. And yeah, ignoring one portion of them. Well, that

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just that kind of reminds me of my biggest thing lately. And we all know about this in general, but it's really about perspective, right? Everything's perspective. And I think there's a few podcasts I've been listening to and watching on YouTube that have really helped transform that for me and really look at things differently. So I'm not coming from maybe the darker side of a thought or a negative side of a thought and looking sexy. You know, spin doctoring your perception, right, so guys, like, are you familiar with guys like Jay Shetty, or?

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Absolutely, and you've never been better yet? Yeah,

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he's great. Andrew Huberman is great for what he brings to the table. And then you probably know of Dr. Joe Dispenza, which is talking about meditation and just being able to what is it when you're when you're manifesting things in your life run out,

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and then which is another term that's thrown away around Little to a lot now. I know too much. And people don't really understand that people just think oh, thinking it will become it's like, well, yes, thinking of it is

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part of step one. That's step one yet right. But you have to take action.

Unknown Speaker 5:15
Faith without works is dead from a biblical perspective but well that's what that's what Joe optically as well

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yeah it's true man and that's what Joe Dispenza talks about. It's the one if you're going to manifest it, yeah, that's part of it. But you have to you have to take action, you have to exercise those, those elements, you know, and then the other thing for me just for positivity man has been, I know, everybody's familiar with Wim Hof, you know, in his breathing, the, you know, they can sit in the Iceman. But for me, he's got these 11 minute breathing exercises in the morning, I do. And it's just, it just, you know, it just oxygenates everything, and you just feel better afterwards, just taking in how to breathe in a certain way, during that exercise is so positive. It's made a huge difference. For me, truth be told, I do it. Every morning,

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with a great deal of this being conscious of your breath. You're conscious of your intake conscious of your ex. Hale. Yeah. When you when you spend time focusing on that, in a conscious manner, your body responds to that and become centered and relaxed. And it doesn't. It's not like you had to do it for hours on in five minutes. 10 minutes, I have a seven minute thing I use on the comm app. That's a breathing thing. And yeah, there's two, there's so many possibilities. And I think we shouldn't be afraid. Okay, it's very easily to get drawn in several different directions. Right? Yeah. So like, podcasts, for instance, very easy to listen, you know, listen to several of them. And I'm not knocking that, obviously, because in many ways, we want people to listen to what we're doing. But I think understanding, like you said, that perspective and being able to sift through that and have a supplement to that, and the podcasts that you listen to supplements, something that you're reading, or something that you're practicing that time. Sure. And I think that's when it becomes really valuable. And powerful.

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It is. Well, I mean, because things get thrown at us all the time, you know, things when there's curveballs thrown at all of us all the time. And it's really, it really comes down to how do you, you know, navigate it? How do you move around it? How do you move through it? And if so, going back to even seven minutes, it's being able to take at least a half a moment for yourself and sit down with something and just kind of be wherever that is for you. So that you can get through it with a with a clear mind, you know, so you're making good judgment, basically, you know, and

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zooming in from that point, building a level of consistency, as well. Sometimes you say, Okay, I'm gonna, I'm gonna do breathing exercises, you know, every day. Yeah, if you pick 30 minute breathing exercise, you're not going to do it every day.

Unknown Speaker 7:58
No, it's not sustainable for someone who's, yeah, yeah, you gotta bite off which you can chew. Yeah. Yeah.

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No, it's an excellent time to do that. And I think we both look forward to the, the holidays or this end of end of quarter. Yeah. Year End to take stock and all that. Yeah.

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I mean, I love this time of the holiday. I mean, I've been, you know, just kind of getting ready to decorate the house a bit, you know, get a little it's

Unknown Speaker 8:28
wonderful to be you. But my first semester at Berkeley,

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yeah. How's that? So how do you feel? Okay, all right. All right. Hold on everybody. Let's let's buckle in for a second. How are we feeling? Since you've been there? You know, I mean, because I know, it's maybe a little bit more maybe a little bit less than what you thought.

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More than one I thought only because, you know, I'm building I'm building up class schedules, class, pacing, and curriculum and things like that. And you know, we got finals week, coming up here, right around the corner, the next two or three weeks. And

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what does that entail, though? Like, what do you have to I just wanted it for you. For me, I had

Unknown Speaker 9:14
to give the file for the theory classes, but in the professional development classes, it's just looking at projects and grading a lot of grading a lot of creating going on.

Unknown Speaker 9:24
Yeah. So well, how many students are you working with?

Unknown Speaker 9:28
I have 30 students between two sections of theory and then 45 students between two sections of professional development. That's a lot of papers to read.

Unknown Speaker 9:40
So does that mean when you're coding you're saying you need to write papers and keep those down to maybe two pointers instead of

Unknown Speaker 9:49
I told my students, the more concise you are, the better grades you're gonna get.

Unknown Speaker 9:55
Let's just trim the fat man like just truncate me,

Unknown Speaker 9:58
keep me interested. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 9:59
Yeah. What's the music? Like, don't bore us get us to the chorus entertain

Unknown Speaker 10:05
me. Yeah. So that's exciting. And then I I hit to the Midwest clinic, which is a conference that I go to. That's in Chicago, right? Yeah. band and orchestra conference.

Unknown Speaker 10:18
Summer 20th Are you doing? It's the 20th to the 22nd. Right? You do in the whole time or you just jump in for

Unknown Speaker 10:23
two days? Two and a half days. I'll be there. Okay. And you're gonna see Kurt. Well, this is more. No, I'm not actually he's out of town. Okay, I'll go see some jazz at the jazz showcase there.

Unknown Speaker 10:36
Sorry, folks who I was referring to as Kurt Ali. Kurt Elliott's right.

Unknown Speaker 10:39
Our man, our brother, Kurt Ali. And then there's going to be a lot of, you know, seminars on running rehearsals and working with bands and orchestras and jazz bands and yeah, a lot of pedagogy education stuff and so I'll be going there as representative of Berkeley now you know, cool yeah. And it'll be cool. I always have a good time there. I always end up we kindling relationships and booking opportunities do masterclass with clinic care

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schools. I figured that's mostly what all that's about anyway, right. In terms of for the most part, yeah, that's super cool, man. December's is steak month. I'm saving money with that I think about it every month or something I mean, there's something every month there's three or four there's something day there's give this day take away this day do this day. It's like it's exercise day, man. It's getting it's getting a little ridiculous as far as I'm concerned is that it was

Unknown Speaker 11:47
oversaturated bootloader factory

Unknown Speaker 11:49
it is. Yeah, I forget what it was like a month or so ago when I was at my orange theory class and in the morning there like a today's? I don't know. It's like coffee Tuesday or someone pointing talking about just coffee Tuesday. On what are we saying here? What's happening? So anyway, that's my that's my little hang up. No, no, brought a lot to fill in the calendar nowadays. You know, so you didn't work on any Christmas music right now? Are you just like, what's going on with that? Anything? Well, no, actually, no. That stuff's recorded in June generally, right? I mean,

Unknown Speaker 12:20
Christmas. I was recording the July. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:22
I know. That was crazy. That's crazy. But let's hear something. What do you what did you work on the past? I know you I know. You've been on numerous Christmas songs. Recording.

Unknown Speaker 12:33
Yeah, so that's one of the more popular albums that I recorded on was Diana crawls Christmas album that was recorded with the Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra. Nice. How about we play a tune off that our jingle bells featuring the Clayton Hamilton jazz orchestra? And Diana Krall and you're listening to beside morning brew on 91.5k u and v jazz and more.

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Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh, or the fields we'd go Laughing all the way. A bales on bobtail ring Making spirits bright a lot but it is to ride and sing a singing song tonight. Oh Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, it is to ride In a one horse open sleigh. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride on a one horse open sleigh

Unknown Speaker 13:50
now that ground is white, and go and while you're young. Take the girls tonight and sing this thing song. Just a bit up Bobtail Bay to 40 as his speed day and hit him to an open sleigh and crack you'll take lead

Unknown Speaker 14:14
don't show up without Baba

Unknown Speaker 14:23

Unknown Speaker 14:44
Jingle Bell Jingle

Unknown Speaker 14:45
bell, jingle

Unknown Speaker 14:47
on the way

Unknown Speaker 14:49
is to write in a one horse, open sleigh, and jingle bells Jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to write in a one point or someone's like hey

Unknown Speaker 15:04
all it is to writing a workhorse jingle bells Jingle bells, jingle all the way it is to ride on a one personal finance thing. Jingle Bells into riding a horse jingle bells Jingle all the way it is slay

Unknown Speaker 16:04
I'm just crazy about horses.

Unknown Speaker 16:08
Welcome back. You've been listening to beside morning brew with Bayesian Niles here on 91.5k u and v jazz and more. That was Diana Krall singing Jingle Bells featuring the Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, with our boy Bijon on the trumpet. Man, I was looking at the video of that footage. It looks so cool. What's you guys on Capitol Records? Is that you guys read recorded that little Studio A? Yeah, man. It looks so cool in there. It's beautiful. Right now. It's

Unknown Speaker 16:37
awesome. Great recording. And

Unknown Speaker 16:39
does it sound good in there? Like when you're in it? You know? I mean, it's like how do you feel when you're in it? Amazing.

Unknown Speaker 16:45
get just enough back. It's too warm, but it's still got a vibe to it. Nice River. reverberant? You know, the funny thing is, I mean, behind the scenes, Christmas albums are often recorded in July. So yeah. In California, so. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 17:04
you guys are all wearing like white linen. It's true. You know, it's funny, though. It's, but that a Christmas tree up, which is cool, you know, just to kind of get the vibe. Oh, yeah. Gross killer. Yeah. Speaking of studio

Unknown Speaker 17:25
you and I are trying to figure out our timeline to start our, you know, collaboration, obviously, and because I know that we're looking forward to a good jazz Republic 2024. And I know that before we even do the next show at the Smith Center, you know, be great to have a couple of new songs for our for our listeners and our fans. And these next collection of songs will be a true collaboration of both you and I which is, which is very exciting. Yeah, man. I

Unknown Speaker 17:53
mean, we've worked together for so long, but to actually write songs together, we've actually never done that. So yeah, this is the next the evolution of the the combo of nails Thomas and Dijon Watson me peanut butter and chocolate everywhere.

Unknown Speaker 18:10
We're either gonna love it or hate it.

Unknown Speaker 18:14
Yeah, either you're gonna hear a lot of music, or you're gonna hear no music?

Unknown Speaker 18:18
Well, you know, it's funny. I don't know about your process. But like when I'm writing, it's, I'm so used to, you've got the whole idea. And you're mapped out in your mind kind of thing, you know, I mean, so it's gonna be different for me to go, okay. Don't worry about the next change and just give Bijon a couple of bars, a couple of measures of, you know, of an idea, and see where he naturally takes it, as opposed to where I would want to take it. That's what I'm looking forward to letting go off because I've never done that, you know? So that'll be interesting for me personally. I don't know. What do you think it'll be like for you? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 18:54
it's gonna be amazing. I just think we work better together than we realize. Yeah. Just never really taken advantage.

Unknown Speaker 19:01
I think so too.

Unknown Speaker 19:02
Yeah, having books. That's the key. So

Unknown Speaker 19:04
yeah. So for 2024 We were talking about a few different things, obviously, to perform, you know, get the calendar of events, the live shows back up and running. But I think I know we were talking about maybe trying to do some East Coast stuff, maybe some stuff in LA, but in terms of Las Vegas, for our lovely listeners here. I think we're going to work on getting another Smith show Smith Center show together. In the spring. I think we're talking about one end of March, maybe top of April.

Unknown Speaker 19:30
Yeah, the spring seems to work out best for us. So it does do a Spring Fling.

Unknown Speaker 19:35
And it gives us time to have those couple of new tunes in the can and it gets us that much more excited as well. I mean, I love playing all of our tunes, but, you know, as artists, we'd like to, we like the new stuff as well, you know, just kind of gets it that it's it's much more exciting. I think. With that in mind. There's a couple other things we're talking about. We got to launch the new Jesuit public website, so we're excited about that. But for the time being, we've got Our new website for the radio show up and running beside morning. So if you'd like feel free to check out besides morning To not only link and listen to our previous shows, because that's always available to stream. But also we are relaunching. Go ahead beach. What's our What was our second? We're

Unknown Speaker 20:24
bringing it back. We're bringing back our amazing segment on do tell

Unknown Speaker 20:29
detail was a for those of you who had not heard our previous shows, last year was basically having you the listener, type in some of the questions that you'd like to get answered on our radio show. If you'd like feel free to venture over to beside morning and fill out the questionnaire and hopefully you'll be selected to we normally. What do we normally answer about three questions right somewhere in there. On the on the show? Absolutely. We love hearing from the audience. I can't believe we didn't bring it back sooner. It's funny how we just thought about it fairly recently. Like why aren't we doing detail anymore? What happened there?

Unknown Speaker 21:08
And while we're bringing back this segment, we I think it'd be only fitting that we re introduce you all to the do tell theme

Unknown Speaker 21:20
do Tao

Unknown Speaker 21:22
What do you hilarious? We're back baby.

Unknown Speaker 21:26
Yeah, so that's exciting. We'd love to hear from you the listeners. So we very much looking forward to reading your questions and but I would like to you know, it's our favorite time of the year we're talking about Christmas the holidays, family recipes, right all the good stuff all the fixes. I would like to play a song. I love more haunting type Christmas songs if you will. I'm a huge stink fan as everyone knows sting is my guy. And so I'd like to introduce this song he recorded years ago but it's it's all him but it sounds like he's just in this beautiful choir with a song is called Gabriel's message by staying off of a very special Christmas album. You're listening to it here on beside morning brew with beach in Niles and 91.5 km and V jazz and more

Unknown Speaker 22:21
the angel Gabriel is Helene Zastrow snow his eyes as flame on Saturday the

Unknown Speaker 22:39
most already know that shot

Unknown Speaker 23:00
shot me

Unknown Speaker 23:01
Xiaomi was already

Unknown Speaker 23:16
the Jetsons.

Unknown Speaker 23:24

Unknown Speaker 23:29

Unknown Speaker 23:45

Unknown Speaker 23:57

Unknown Speaker 24:18
welcome back you're listening to beside morning groove with Bayesian Niles on 91.5k u and v jazz and more. You just heard from sting, a favorite of Niles and mine as well, and his holiday tune Gabriel's message, of course in the tradition of miles Thomas, it definitely is a little more somber, more thought provoking. But I think it's fitting in terms of our theme of reflection and accountability and looking back and putting into action plans and for the future. Taking advantage of this time with family and friends. and loved ones and, or even by yourself and just taking time for yourself. Self care is important as well emotionally physically. And don't discount that as well. It's very important

Unknown Speaker 25:14
to don't be afraid to indulge in any the delicious food, the holiday foods, you know, it's funny, it's like it was during Thanksgiving. It's like your training all year round and you can feel guilty that I purpose I could have gone into work at Orangetheory on on that Thursday morning that a class and I thought, You know what, it's okay, I don't mind getting fat and salted up for a couple of days. It's not a problem, like I'm going to enjoy and indulge in whatever I want and not feel guilty about it. You know, I mean, we, I don't want to be hard on myself all the time. We do it for the whole year. You know, I mean, it's okay to just, you know, let yourself go a little bit and enjoy, but

Unknown Speaker 25:53
it's very important. I think it's very easy to fall into the trap of little self self loathing as a result of you know, don't, that's all we're gonna just

Unknown Speaker 26:06
enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. But of course

Unknown Speaker 26:09
at this time of the year, we always love to give thanks and thankful for all the people in our circle. As far as the beside morning group is concerned and behalf of Niles and myself, we'd like to thank K u and v 91.5. Jazz and more for being an amazing partner with us. We'd like to thank high note roasters, of course, bringing that good coffee sipping goodness to us. It's been good they've been with us and supporting us and we'd like to thank you the listeners for sticking with us and as we continue to grow this portion of our sharing with you sharing is caring as they say so he truly appreciate you sharing time with us and we have a lot of great things in store for 2024 and we look forward to sharing them with you. Happy

Unknown Speaker 27:00
holidays, everybody. Enjoy your Sunday. You

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