Happy New Year!

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Good morning and welcome.

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You're listening to beside morning brew would be at Niles had coffee, who chat. chillin on the corner of lifestyle

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app and music straight on 91.5k wouldn't

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be jazz. Am I the man? Let's start with our sip of coffee. Oh yeah, that's it. All right. It's that time of year that time of year brother. Use that time

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of year. We are now officially in 2024. My friend.

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What do you think of that? Sir

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diggin it. I love that life just continues to fly right by and it's amazing. Lightspeed at lightspeed. It's fantastic.

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And we are all trying to catch up. Yeah.

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Well, especially holidays, we just went through this whole New Years of festivities. And now, we just went through our birthdays. Right. Our birthdays are two days apart. Well,

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I mean, I guess I have given you an official Happy New Year. Happy New Year.

Unknown Speaker 1:11
Happy New Year. And happy new year to our our listeners.

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Absolutely. What is the statute of limitations on how long you can say Happy New Year, people when?

Unknown Speaker 1:23
I think well, yeah. So I think because you're saying what, like, if you haven't seen, like, if you see someone two weeks from now, do you say Happy New Year to them?

Unknown Speaker 1:31
Exactly. That's

Unknown Speaker 1:32
a good question. I mean, I'm gonna say a weak female.

Unknown Speaker 1:35
I go late, late, late January, if I hadn't seen somebody, you know? Yeah. Yeah. I don't know what the rule is on that. I think it's sort of I haven't seen them for a while, or if they, you know, we have friends that come in and out of our lives that are a great friend. So we just don't necessarily keep in touch with them all the time. Unlike you and I, we talked extensively. But you know, we have great friends that, you know, maybe we don't talk to them, but once a month, or we run into them in different situations. I think the latest I've gone it's February. Whoa. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:10
That's Happy Valentine's season. It's way past.

Unknown Speaker 2:19
This way, let's do this. Let's make a decree right here on beside morning brew that the statute of limitations for Happy new year is up until Martin Luther King's birthday weekend, which is the middle of January, two weeks

Unknown Speaker 2:35
that I can take that. All right. We cool with that? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 2:38
then we've been we switch gears from New Years two, leading into Black History Month was February. Yep. Which then leads into Valentine's Day? Yeah. For you? Well, like

Unknown Speaker 2:52
we said, on one of our episodes every month, there's like, it's coffee day. It's Valentine's Day. It's, you know, it's your hair done day. It's just it's gotten out of control. It's out of control. That's my, yeah. Don't get me started on triggers. It's a good reason to stick with the basics. You know, I mean, there was like, maybe, what, 810 events per year, right big ones. Now, it's just gotten out of control. There's like eight per month triggered by now. Sorry, I'm sorry. It's early. I just got back from work. And now I'm a little I'm a little flustered.

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Actually over it. Actually over at Orangetheory. There. I

Unknown Speaker 3:34
did. Yeah. She saw that she was such a great coach, man. I mean, she really kicks your tail at 6:15am.

Unknown Speaker 3:44
It's just, I mean, hey, it guidances is, especially when it comes to your health. And yeah, and it doesn't have to be a whole bunch of, you know, lifted weights or whatever. Although I like to do that, in addition to stretching and things. Yeah. You know, we're a little longer in the tooth. Now we're a little longer in the tooth. So you gotta be careful. You know, speaking of which, I'm going to be good snowboarding in about a week and a half.

Unknown Speaker 4:15
I know I'm dude, I'm glad you're getting back on the mountain. That's really great to hear. Yeah. means you haven't done that in a long, long time. Right. A

Unknown Speaker 4:23
long long time. The stretching and the core strengthening.

Unknown Speaker 4:31
You better wear some get those padded pants, man because you brother ready to be on your tail.

Unknown Speaker 4:36
I'm gonna have I'm gonna have me knee pad Rifka I'm at risk guards. Yeah. Because shortly after, so we're taking my daughter was 12 Viviane, her first ski trip. She has the luxury of they have like a day long camp that she can do.

Unknown Speaker 4:57
So it's a group left skiing though, right? Not both

Unknown Speaker 4:59
skiing. During high school, my wife and I agreed if I learned how to ski first,

Unknown Speaker 5:04
yeah, you know, I'm a purist though. I'm gonna say I'm as bad as the jazz purist when it comes to skiing

Unknown Speaker 5:15
and cycling. But then my wife's keys to growth haven't been, it's been a long time. So we're gonna go, my daughter's gonna be doing, like a group lesson type thing, beginner camp type thing, so it'll be good for her. It's great. And I think Shannon and I are gonna actually do a lesson two, we're gonna do like a semi private lesson. Good. For like, an hour or two. Just you should man it's oh, well, I'm not. I'm not too ain't too proud. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 5:43
I'm kind of weird. I mean, here, it's like our local mountain has been I mean, there's one run open, which is like the bunny run, and Mammoth is open. But and then VIP, our bass player, Nick Schmidt, he sent me a video the other day because he was up in big buried who said the snow was subpar, but at least it got out there. But I'm kind of, you know, I got in 2830 days last season. You were pretty consistent. Yeah, it was amazing. But amazing. Like now. I mean, it's just, when did January mean I'm kind of I mean, I think it's just gonna be late season here. And even, you know, we ski in Arizona and such, it's snowball. But like, I've already last time at this year, I already gotten three or four days, or remember. No, you know, so I don't know. I'm hoping I'm trying to do the snow dance over here and see if we can get

Unknown Speaker 6:33
well you know, just like the rain came in a big dump for you guys. Snow could come Fenway. That's

Unknown Speaker 6:38
why Lee Canyon was able to open up for a bit already is open now. But again, they have one run open, which is right,

Unknown Speaker 6:43
right. That's cool, man. So yeah, we're doing that. Yeah, that's all on my wrist guards. Because right after we come back from the trip, I hit on the jazz crews. So I can't be I can't be hurting myself. behind some snowboard be

Unknown Speaker 6:56
busting your lips, bro. You were full face mask and retainer every day. It's like,

Unknown Speaker 7:06
occupational hazard. But now you're just gonna do a day of skiing tubing. They have a tubing Park. They're nice.

Unknown Speaker 7:13
I haven't done that yet. Real chill,

Unknown Speaker 7:15
you know? Yeah. Lots of hot chocolate and

Unknown Speaker 7:18
yeah, putting the Bailey's in upper teeth.

Unknown Speaker 7:21
Okay, yes, there will be some. Yeah. But it'd be great. That'd be great. That's

Unknown Speaker 7:26
great, man. I'm happy for it. That's that's gonna be a fun fun little weekend.

Unknown Speaker 7:31
So before all that begins, I gotta head to New Orleans, New Orleans playing with three bands doing me glad handing with other educators. They're trying to build their program, you know. Pretty cool experience. So yeah, good to have done that.

Unknown Speaker 7:49
I love that town, man. I mean, who doesn't one but I used to I perform there on about four or five times. And last time I performed I was in it was quite a while ago is in this rock trio. And I will leave it at this. We broke in late at night to the big shopping mall. There. I literally literally broke into the shopping like a shopping mall Macy's and we broke in you know Chris Mackin right guitar player. He he went up upstairs. I didn't know where he went. I was playing piano you know, the big pianos. They have the in the, you know, in the middle of the mall. I've got pictures of this, by the way. I don't know that. Well, anyway, he went up he decided you want to check the statue. He wanted to go to Orange Julius. He wanted an Orange Julius so he went up, hop the counter in orange in Orange Julius. And then the whole shopping mall alarms went off. And all of a sudden it just heard him running, running over and running downstairs and was like, bolted out and we were in there for like a half hour not to steal anything. We didn't steal anything. But it was just like, broke in. It was it was Yeah, man. You're right, though. Should I be telling this story, but we didn't steal anything. He tried to get an artist Julius it didn't happen. I was just playing piano

Unknown Speaker 9:09
trying to lose the petty theft.

Unknown Speaker 9:11
He didn't get anything though. No, no, because the alarms went off. So the machine didn't work. You know, I

Unknown Speaker 9:19
was just trying to be better. Time Machine stuff, right. Oh, man.

Unknown Speaker 9:23
Yeah. So I think that was the last time I was in New Orleans. So that was a few hurricanes in. So yeah, I wouldn't be doing that at this time in my life. But yeah, it was so there was

Unknown Speaker 9:34
this season of your life to fun hang Well, I

Unknown Speaker 9:37
mean, just in general, that's a great place to be you know, I mean, I think so for a couple days anyway, like okay, food's great. Right? You're gonna have some gumbo, some nice combos, some spicy.

Unknown Speaker 9:45
Speaking of gumbo, you know, which is like kind of a melange of flavors and such are we've embarked on our collaborative project that we've been through Need you all with for many months now and it's becoming a reality. We want to play a little something that kind of is going to suggest the vibe that we're going down. Kind

Unknown Speaker 10:11
of hints at where we're going.

Unknown Speaker 10:12
As a little hint little musical hint, no musical musical breadcrumbs for you. This is a song. I wrote also with my longtime collaborator Carlos Soriano entitled searching you're listening to beside morning brew with Bayesian Niles on 91.5k u and v, jazz and more

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Unknown Speaker 15:09
welcome back to beside morning brew with beach in Niles here on 91.5k, u and v jazz and more. You were just listening to be John's tune called searching that was recorded and when it when did you record that was a year ago. Now we were in the studio and you guys did that song Three years ago. Was it two years ago, man, time, time is gone. But yes, that was such a great tune man and really does hint at where were our direction where we're going with the new album, or collection of songs kind of down a r&b flavored with some jazz integration, you know, hints of Motown, you know, some of that Marvin Gaye, for me shot day as well, those kinds of artists and Maxwell and for you. What are you tapping into?

Unknown Speaker 15:58
I mean, definitely, some George Duke ready 100 years, right? Warriors. Yeah. You know, Freddie Hubbard, ECM years, you know, really just music that you can get immersed into. I want to say meditative, because it's not all slow. Just,

Unknown Speaker 16:17
I think it could create, I think it creates a vibe. You know, if you walk into an ACC, if you're walking into a room, it's going to create a certain kind of vibe, you know, as soon as you walk into as soon as you start with some mood. Yeah, yeah, really does. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:32
And one of the things that, that we realized through our collaborative efforts, and through our music making is we were always like to set a vibe, whatever our show is, you're gonna know what the vibe is, based on the music we're playing. You're not going to come out of there, wondering where we're going with this. And yeah, it's personal. It's intimate. And it has its motion has motion has momentum, if you will. But yeah, it has that type of motion that contemplative if you will, you know, you can sit in it and get into it. So well, this

Unknown Speaker 17:08
is going to be able to do in that. It's gonna be one of those albums where you're definitely going to, you know, put some candles on while you're listening to it.

Unknown Speaker 17:18
There will be some candles being Yeah, and maybe that's going to be one of our, with our albums, swag bags, maybe we'll have to have some, some custom candles.

Unknown Speaker 17:30
Yeah, to go with the digging that.

Unknown Speaker 17:33
Well, the other thing candles?

Unknown Speaker 17:35
That'll be I mean, you know, that's what I'm loving about. That's

Unknown Speaker 17:37
what we call winning. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:40
Well, I think the cool thing is, with you and I have been discussing this album, and really the direction and where we want to go, not just musically, but even, even within the collaboration themselves, you know, having other artists on this album, like having a collection, you know, having some different tremors on different tunes to different piano players, keyboard, players, singers, guest singers, guest vocalist, some female friends of ours, that will will have jump in, you

Unknown Speaker 18:06
realize you realize as we perform and make music, I mean, over the several decades that we've known each other and performed together better several influences that we both have, yeah, influences by not just an artists but in people that we've recorded with and played with. And yeah, and they all have had the trajectory that we've had now they've been in the, in the scene for a long time made a lot of great music, and we want to bring those people in, ya know, one of the missions of jazz Republic has always been to bring people to our musical table. So this is one of the ways we accomplish that by really introducing the listeners to the whole host of people that have created the music that all of us love to listen to. So we're looking forward to bringing them into the fold. And I know we've spoken to a few people, special guests that will be involved. And it's gonna be really something exciting and maybe a slight departure from what we've done in the past. But I think it speaks to the community that we've right are building,

Unknown Speaker 19:12
and it keeps it fresh for us musically to I mean, when you're playing with different layers that UPS our game in different ways, you know, we might have the songs written but we approaches can be can they can be approached slightly differently based on the player we have that's going to put their twist to the tune and whenever I could, and that there's

Unknown Speaker 19:29
a certain level of trust. Yeah, a certain level of trust that we have with those musicians. Yeah, but they're gonna bring something fresh. Yep. To what we've run, taking into a place. We've never even thought exactly what's exciting about making music. And that's what's exciting about Yeah, we look forward to sharing all that with you. There'll be certain things we're going to certain opportunities you'll have, especially when it comes to recording that you the listener can be involved in and we'll talk about that.

Unknown Speaker 19:57
Yeah, we'll roll all that out. I said As we have dates lined up with, you know, recording sessions as such, obviously, and then, with that in mind for all of our local fans, we're currently in discussions with Smith Center to, to bring you a couple of new shows this year. We're looking at, you know, April, as like a spring series and probably be able to introduce a couple of the new tunes we're working on that we're discussing right now. And yeah, we're excited about getting back, getting back on to the Smith Center Stage. Even

Unknown Speaker 20:26
if you're not local, make a road trip. Come on out. We welcome you.

Unknown Speaker 20:30
True. For all our la peeps thrown in LA, Northwestern,

Unknown Speaker 20:36
peeps. Arizona, come on, come on down, come on down. So you know, you realize that, in working with these artists, we have had so many musical influences throughout our life, and it's kind of like you have to shift gears. Yeah, you know, what,

Unknown Speaker 20:58
when you're doing the big band thing, you're thinking in big band mode, right? It's like, you got to switch that gear? Absolutely. Over, you know,

Unknown Speaker 21:06
it's like you have several loves in your life. Right. And, okay, carefully, you know, only had a few, some have had more, but but especially musically, I mean, there's so many, you know, I can go through a phase where I'm listening to, you know, Cameo and people get that type of stuff. I didn't go through a phase where if I'm preparing for a show, I'm digging into Freddie Hubbard and those cats, or I'm going if I'm preparing for something else, or I'm just listening mood, I could be listening to gospel. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 21:47
Well, that's the cool thing about being an artist, right? I mean, you can explore different genres within let's say, your, your umbrella genre, right, all these kind of sub genres within it. And yeah, as artists, we have different influences. I know that when we were talking about doing this new collaboration, the idea was fantastic. But we didn't have a direction, like, what do we want to do musically? Right. And I even brought up some things like well, hey, man, maybe we should do a, a guitar swing, you know, orchestra, big orchestra thing? That's an idea. Where do we want to go? And but that's great to have those conversations as an artist, because we're not limited by a certain style, right? I mean, and why would you want to be as an artist, I know, having a fan base and having your listeners, they do expect a certain something from you, once you gain that trust, which is great, but I don't know. I think it's important to us as artists, it's important to, to try different things. And that's, that's the point of it. And I know that you hope

Unknown Speaker 22:43
that through your music, you hope that through the music that you perform. Yeah, your audience does understand that you do have different Yeah, influences and they won't be it will be as though we're introducing them to another side of

Unknown Speaker 22:57
us. And it's still us. So there's the through line. Oh, yeah, he's

Unknown Speaker 23:04
gonna sound like us, we could do

Unknown Speaker 23:06
a big band swing thing and it would still be us. You know, it's Yeah, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 23:10
you're gonna have those miles Thomas twos in there and whatnot.

Unknown Speaker 23:16
But yeah, I mean, that was that was the big breakthrough for us is finally realizing that the direction we want to go musically, and it's cool. So now to your point, like now, I'll start listening to those artists again, and kind of digging into that stuff that I haven't listened to in a while because I've been on I've been listening to a lot of rockabilly and that kind of old school stuff. I'm looking forward to that. Because now I get my mind immersed in that and then I can start writing based on it, just kind of get into that, that that zone, that music song. Speaking of which, let's move on to to our second song of the show. So this is a song that that we had on our first record, it's a crossover thang and without further ado, this song is called wait to cross Fourth Street you're listening to beside morning brew with Bayesian Niles here on 91.5k u and v jazz and more.

Unknown Speaker 24:37
It's lonely in Israel on through the back streets of my man. Mr. Smooth BE MY GOD. Hans Zimmer jacket, stand in Napa. Way to cross for Straight weight cross forms straight to cross for street a weight to cross for a way to cross for street weight to cross for street weight to cross for a weight Cross for help calm her hearts and a stranger become a stranger in her misuse loving the flowers of love Wilton allow price for street weight Cross for street weight to cross for street weight Cross for weight to cross for street weight to cross for street weight Cross for street weights cross four woke up in the morning found my last been rearranged Where Did everything go wrong? When did everything start to change who's a stranger in the mirror I don't recognize my face the message getting clearer my last become a strength?

Unknown Speaker 28:19
Run stand instead. Now I'm standing at the corner. Lifts code embedded ship. Can't wait to cross falls Street. Wait to cross falls. Wait to cross phone. Can't wait to cross the street. Wait to cross the street. Wait cross falls wait to cross

Unknown Speaker 28:52
Welcome back. You're listening to beside morning brew with Bayesian Niles on 91.5k u and v jazz and more. That's last song you just heard was tuned written by Niles Thomas entitled wait to cross Fourth Street. Great to man I mean, that's timeless. You know, we can thank you man. As always like to thank the listeners as well as K u and v 91.5. Jazz and more for being our amazing partners, media partners. And I note roasters, you know for bringing that amazing coffee

Unknown Speaker 29:24
and Happy New Year everyone thank you for for listening and for your continued support. Sharing a great Sunday. Good morning.

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You've been listening to besides morning brew with beach and Niles chillin on the corner of lifestyle app

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and music stream on 91.5k u and v jazz

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