An Interview with singer/songwriter Linda Woodson, and producer/pianist/composer Uli Geissendoerfer

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Good morning and welcome.

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You're listening to beside morning brew would be

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at Niles had coffee, chat. chillin

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on the corner of lifestyle

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be jazz. Welcome, my brother.

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Good morning, man. I'm excited about today's show. We've got a couple of guests on later in the segment. Looking forward to that. It's right it's man. It's great to be back on land. Let's start with our sip of coffee. Oh, yeah, that's it.

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Me how you you are gone on The Love Boat for a bit right. Isaac? Isaac dude.

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Why I gotta be Isaac it's all good. No, it was

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a you can call me Julian, if you want to call me Julian.

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It is 2024 So yeah, yeah. Yeah, I just got back from performing on the jazz group. Fantastic week performing on the All Star big band

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who was on there. So we got we got a Kurt Elling McBride,

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Ileana Elias tutto. Valdez and his band, Nikita Rivera. Who else Emmet Cohen and his trio Benny Binayak. The third Bria scottburgh Ingrid Jensen. And her group Artemis which has amazing pianists. Rini rosin is on it about 90 jazz musicians altogether with their bands and are included in the band's John Patitucci. On bass. Okay. Jeff Hamilton, of course, and his trio, John Clayton. That is a lot. There's a lot.

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But is that well, how many venues like you know, everybody's playing? Well, I would imagine there's multiple shows going on at once and different levels or different venues on the on the ship, or how does that work? Exactly.

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So the boat is chartered, and we're on Celebrity cruise lines, and it's charter. And basically, there's music from 11am to 2am. Daily, in about eight different venues. So yeah, every venue on the ship that can be used the rendezvous lounge, the main dining room, they set up a stage in there, the sky lounge, all these different places that have stages and venues. And it's of course, a Celebrity Theater, which is big. There was about, I would say eight different venues on the ship that have Wow, music going consecutively throughout the day.

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So that's cool. Do they give? Do they give the passengers obviously like some sort of book or? Oh, yeah, no, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:46
So about 2000 passengers on the ship. Yeah. And they have a program that they have, you know, lifting and actually, this year, they had an app that you could download Jasmine's app, which allowed you to scroll through and set your schedule. Oh, cool for the day, which is kind of cool. Yeah, that was fantastic. It's definitely a lot of music, a lot of other things like wine tastings with some of the jazz musicians. I led a few passenger jam sessions. Passengers bring their instruments on and is the area on the ship where they can jam and how

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was that is that it's herding cats kind of thing? Or, like, what's the

Unknown Speaker 3:26
split this way? they thank me at the end of it for coming in and bringing some order to the gym sessions, you know? Yeah. But they're very Yeah, it's great and, and just keeps people are being inspired every day by these musicians on the boat. So they like to kind of try some stuff that they've heard. And it's great. Great to connect with the passengers as well.

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So sure, yeah, it's fun. Yeah, that's fast food, I imagine. Good. Plenty.

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Plenty of food and drink. Yes. And, but they have a great gym and spa there as well. And okay. It's really nice. It's really nice. We stopped in Loma de Haiti, Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic, and St. Thomas. So if you get off the boat at all, any of these occasions, I've been to those, so I didn't really get off the boat. And plus, I had rehearsals. I had to go to but like,

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do they do that for passengers?

Unknown Speaker 4:19
I mean, no passengers get off.

Unknown Speaker 4:21
Yeah, okay. Okay, excursion.

Unknown Speaker 4:22
Oh, that's cool.

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I don't know why I didn't think of that before. But every time you've talked about the jazz cruise, I don't know why I didn't think about also getting off on some of these ports. And

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exactly. You're not captive. You're not held captive. Yeah. You get a chance to get on land stretch out. See get your sea legs, you know. Yeah, that's cool. Great experience, man. But good to be home. Back into the fray. Of course. Shuster started at Berkeley ready to go? Yeah.

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So back in it says that we can do it right now and just get your lesson plans back

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and then I hit up to with my big man generation gap jazz orchestra to play at the new trio Jazz Festival. Okay, where's that? In Chicago outside of Chicago,

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okay, cool, man. So the multiple stages at that at that festival is just

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a it's a high school jazz festival that schools from all over the area come and perform and they have clinics for these bands. Okay. A lot of our band members will be giving clinics. Hamilton's gonna be on drums. Cool. And a lot of people from the album will be there so

Unknown Speaker 5:28
why No, you got I mean, you have curdling singing is it one or two songs on that album?

Unknown Speaker 5:32
Two songs? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 5:34
Is there any plans in terms of you guys performing where he might you know if it works? Well, he's in Chicago, right? Does that work out at all where he could come and do a guest spot or

Unknown Speaker 5:42
No, he's actually going to be on the road then but but we're gonna have another singer just doing we're actually looking ahead to the next album, which we're going to be doing live album in 2025 So nice starting to put that material together

Unknown Speaker 5:55
live in terms of an actual performance.

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Right so we're gonna do like a run of shows that a nice Hall and record great man. Oh, that'll be good. And have a bunch of different guests come in and record it. Yeah, we're gonna make kind of a compilation of two or three nights. Yeah,

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cuz when you guys recorded that, wasn't it during lockdown. Right. So everybody's at home? Studio. Yeah.

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But 80% of it was was virtual. And then the last bit was done in the studio. Yeah, yeah. Oh, that'd be fun, man. Yep. Especially for a big band have that live energy is really palpable. For a nice album, if you can record in a nice venue. So sure.

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Speaking of, you know, just live performances. We're very much looking forward to coming up in our segment now is singer songwriter Linda Woodson and pianist and her producer on this album lead guys in Darfur. Let's play a song off the album. The song is called stolen moments of Linda Woodson's new album called Come a little closer. You're listening to beside morning brew with BG Niles here on 91.5k u and v jazz and more.

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stolen moments fade away. dreams of yesterday. Stolen promises of love you.

Unknown Speaker 7:44
hour long for stolen little moments. Time is wasted when we will with the spell that your loved me. I was doomed from the start. It was hard to be hazed and said that you gave everything that I do brings back memories of you. So I have to let go of the moments we still in watch them fade.

Unknown Speaker 8:17
Watch them

Unknown Speaker 8:25
Should I cry over all stolen

Unknown Speaker 8:27
moments? Why do I longed to live in the past? At

Unknown Speaker 8:33
the time? It

Unknown Speaker 8:35
was sublime. And we were just having fun. It wasn't meant to last and then it became so much more than a game and I have to confess that my life's been a mess. But I'm holding on to the one day that we will have moments yet.

Unknown Speaker 9:13
tuned Long for our stolen little moments. Time is wasted when we roll

Unknown Speaker 10:35
with the spell that you're on.

Unknown Speaker 10:39
I was doomed from the start. It was hard to behave since that that you gave everything that I do brings back memories of you so I have to let go of the moments we still and watch them fade away

Unknown Speaker 11:15
stolen moments dreams of yesterday stolen promises of loving you stolen moments dreams of yesterday stolen promises of love stolen promise loving you

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welcome back you're listening to beside morning brew with bees and Niles, you just heard a tune from our guests. We're about to speak with Linda Woodson and Willie Geist indoor for a tune entitled stolen moments. So we'd like to welcome to the show. Linda Woodson and Louis guyson. Darfur. Welcome, welcome.

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Welcome to you guys. It's wonderful to be here.

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Right? Well, you're dealing with snow here and well. We have a major, what they call it nor Easter coming through Boston right now.

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Well, my suggestion to you is keep it over there.

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I don't know. Totally. We need our ski season over here. Yeah,

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but that's the nice thing about Vegas, you know, you got some degrees and then you go up the mountains and you can ski and you go back to beautimous. Weather

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true. Okay, so I would like to know how this collaboration started early. How did you get to know Linda and how did this whole thing come to pass in terms of then getting into producing the album,

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I met Linda about six years ago. Six years ago, I think she was part of a group. What handle is Jasmine, and they were performing at the dispensary lounge, the place a curator played, and I saw how much like this lady can sing. And I think I would like to do something with her. So we got together and invited her and we started doing some shows with a trio. And then she had the idea to do Nancy Wilson triplet. And just before the big pause the pandemic hit. We did that Nancy Wilson show and it was wonderfully received. It was tremendous success, Linda looked amazing. She actually had her dress, one of the dresses tailored after the album cover of cannonball out in the US and Nancy was that year, and she looked the part more than the pod My heavens, and she sounded great. And of course, then the pandemic hit. And that was the end of that. But through all of that you were talking and then Linda is also a wonderful lyricist, as you just heard on stolen moments. Those are original lyrics. And she's a wonderful writer. So we started going okay, let's do an album. Since you've never done the full album, but you know, smaller scale, you know, had a bunch of stuff out there. So let's let's do it. Right. So we do it right. And we did it right. We invited all kinds of people. We had a great rhythm section we had Brian Rose, and the wonderful drummer is given from Detroit and in blue worked with me on my albums before anyway, so we started to do it and then invited all kinds of people.

Unknown Speaker 14:40
So Linda, were you writing lyrics or did you start writing this album during the pandemic? Or was this awesome material from before then?

Unknown Speaker 14:49
Some of the material from the album was before then but the lyrics that I came up with for stolen moments came afterwards because as early had mentioned, sometimes you would perform at the dispensary together. And I I'd heard the, I guess the original lyrics for stolen moments. And I was like, Well, I like that song, I want to do it. And then in trying to remember those lyrics, I was like, let me just come up with my own. If I'm going to remember something, I might as well do my own lyrics. And that's kind of how that came about. Yeah, we came up with that arrangement.

Unknown Speaker 15:22
So in terms of picking the tracks or coming up with these tunes, was it just a true collaboration in terms of both of you getting together and figuring out even the direction musically? How did that whole thing come to pass?

Unknown Speaker 15:34
Definitely a collaboration. There were some tunes that I definitely wanted to do. And so I learned, I got together, you know, we kind of worked through some of the arrangements and wanted to just make them more unique. And that's kind of how it came about a couple of the tunes I've done before, revamp them. And those are the ones that you'll hear on this album. That's cool.

Unknown Speaker 15:56
No, I had the chance to see who invited me to your CD release. When was that a couple three months ago, four months ago, something like that. Your CD release party at wherever they went? Was that show early? It was beautiful as a great show. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 16:11
Gatsby, right,

Unknown Speaker 16:12
that's right. That was that

Unknown Speaker 16:14
was the first time I saw it. And I remember afterwards, the next day I called Bijon. I'm like, man, we got to have her on the series. Oh, cool. We definitely want to invite you guys to our Smith Center show in September to come up and do a couple of your tunes if you would like to do so. It's one of the awesome ones that shall be looking forward

Unknown Speaker 16:33
to that. Believe

Unknown Speaker 16:34
September, oops, we'll take a look at that. Figure out the exact date, but we'll find that but you know, I heard that you did a tribute to Nancy Wilson, which is who's one of my favorite vocalists and I had the pleasure of recording with her and performing with their with the Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra. So huge fan and as well as the addley brothers. So you obviously that's one of your influences, who are some of your other musical influences that you draw from in your music? Well, definitely

Unknown Speaker 17:02
along the same lines as Nancy Wilson, I would say Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald, more contemporary, I like Gregory Porter and Kurt Elling. They're the lyricist that influenced that I get from them and algebra, of course, so kind of a hodgepodge of different artists that I am inspired by. That's great.

Unknown Speaker 17:25
And all groove oriented to especially talking about algebra, Kurt Elling with his new super blue project. I mean, that's pretty amazing. The music he's doing, he definitely stretched. So you'd like to stretch the boundaries then of where to consider between jazz and groove and soul and r&b is what it sounds like. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 17:43
the lyrics really speak to me, I try to stretch that and do I won't say complicated, but more intricate lyrics. And I'm drawn to songs that kind of go deep within that world of not so straightforward. I like to kind of be a little abstract and challenge my brain. Yeah, to challenge

Unknown Speaker 18:07
the audience's brain as well. Like that, like that excellent.

Unknown Speaker 18:12
UI. Did you guys in turn, you're gonna Grammys are coming up, obviously. Did you guys submit this album? Are you waiting till next year? Or did you already submit this one?

Unknown Speaker 18:19
Uh, no, we submitted this round. And we almost got to the nomination, I suppose. Because I got some amazing feedback from a lot of people. And it was interesting, too, because, you know, Linda actually decided to have it come out in Vegas records, malleable. And we had four submissions, and hers was just flying through the roof. I got so much beautiful feedback, right. But also the competition. I mean, it was just like, what what did you

Unknown Speaker 18:47
what categories Did you submit for?

Unknown Speaker 18:49
Well, it was put first we did vocal jazz. But then her variety on the album is, you know, it's quite a big thing. We got more gospel in tune, we got a more almost country to only get something straight ahead. We got something in the middle. Because her lyrics and musical approaches very broad. So So then he was put into traditional pop

Unknown Speaker 19:09
album, you know, they got the new alternative jazz category. Now,

Unknown Speaker 19:13
I had alternative jazz, although that seems to be mostly occupied by smooth jazz and some of the things and in that category, I actually had a dual album with Julian Tanaka, myself in there. Yeah. Which got some nice reviews as well. But, you know, it's building up momentum. It's grime is is, you know, building more and more alliances over the years, and it's, yeah, it's ramping up progress. But I think Linda, whoever listened to it was just floored. What a beautiful album and stuff. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 19:44
So being on your label. So can you tell us a little bit about your record label and like, what is how it's doing what it's doing in terms of even with Linda's record, like, what's the process? Well,

Unknown Speaker 19:55
first, we get together and do the music because And then bring it out and the design of it, and all that, and then bring it out. Just independently. We hired some promotion, promotional people like for radio promotion and print promotion, we have Jim Igo. And we have been Schultz, actually, we didn't do much. We did mostly with Ben Schultz. And Ian has been very good, we got some really nice traction all around the world thus far on the radio. That's great. And then you promoted locally. And of course, the best thing is to go out there and perform as you know, the music business, to some degree is shrinking or non existent anymore, almost in traditional ways. So you want to go out there and then you can sell more product and yeah, and drive people to as well listen to it. So I send it out to you know, dozens and dozens of people listen to it. Links are as well as the promo. Yeah, that's, and we're working on on getting a tour together, you know, that it really, you know, at the end of the day, the internet is so tense, the noise level is so, so strong that it's hard to get above that. So you need to go out there. And when people see you as well, personally, it's a whole different ballgame. It's

Unknown Speaker 21:13
true. It's true. And also with that in terms of promotion, looking at your your video, Linda for stolen moments, it's beautiful. It's a great video, where did you guys shoot that?

Unknown Speaker 21:24
We shot it at? It's like a warehouse that has different little scenes and vignettes that you can kind of share? Yeah. That and it was we did it in like, two hours. We didn't have a lot of time. So we just kind of credit together. And it was it was cool. I'm very proud of that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 21:44
it should be it's beautifully done. I thought you were in, you know, obviously at a place that's really cool to know, when we're off air early. You gotta give me that you guys gotta give me that information. videos. Like, where's that at? For sure. No, it's beautiful. I missed the song is fantastic. I mean, so that's why I was asking earlier if that's the single because the video just so strong.

Unknown Speaker 22:05
Yeah, it should have been released. Before that it started actually, I see that people on nowadays, you know, use these one, two, and then an x one and x 1x 456 tunes. And then finally the whole album. At that time, we did not quite enough time because we wanted to get it in the Grammys. So we needed to release it. But the album is still valid. And it's still there. So in the upcoming months, we can do that we make more concerted efforts with one tune here and placement of tune here, etc.

Unknown Speaker 22:32
Yeah, no, it's a good thing. And look and like to your point earlier in terms of the internet, you could always go back and release so to speak, release it or promote it as a single if you wanted to. Exactly, you know, and how many times the biggest artists in the world my hero sting. It's like that stuff the Roxane was they put it out twice, you know, back then when there was the gatekeepers, because it didn't sell it first and they just went back and put a different cover on it and went for it. I mean, there's so many of those stories I mean, now I mean, now you can do anything you want so you can push it however you want. So well let's play another tune here. You're listening to beside morning brew with Bayesian Niles here on 91.5k u and v jazz and more. This is Linda Woodson I'm in

Unknown Speaker 23:34
I'm in I finally took the plunge if I'm wanting to heal the sponge and you really soaked me in I'm in and I won't try to fight it because the feelings been ignited and the heat has done me and I can feel it in my soul. Love just open like oh Lana

Unknown Speaker 24:04
I lost my reservations down the calculations and the numbers count. And I'm and I'm acting like a fool because your arms are like a pool. They were there and I jumped in. I hope it doesn't scare doesn't matter when

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Good day

Unknown Speaker 25:31
now you can call the book like a fish on the hook and you really really nothing left to say are too late to turn away

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Welcome back you're listening to besides morning brew with Bayesian Niles here 91.5k, u and v jazz and more. That was I'm in by Linda Woodson on her new album Come a little closer. That's cool. So what's what's next for you guys? I mean, I've seen that you got a couple shows coming up. You've got shows at the dispensary and at South Point casino and Maxon.

Unknown Speaker 26:11
Yeah, we're I'll be at the dispensary in a few weeks, with Uli and the at the south point that's on the Dennis Bono show. So that's just an opportunity to get more exposure. Right, that'll be my first time. So that'll be like, you know, the rite of passage.

Unknown Speaker 26:30
Where can our listeners find you Linda? Where can they find your music? Where can they go to watch the video?

Unknown Speaker 26:37
The video is on my YouTube channel, Linda Woodson, all the music is on the digital platforms that are out there. I have a website Linda But

Unknown Speaker 26:48
another place you can hear the music at is also because records of course where there's a bunch of other wonderful releases out there and and this year, we have another five records slated

Unknown Speaker 26:57
already to what's the website to your record label, and Vegas

Unknown Speaker 27:01
So I'm very much looking forward to playing together with you guys again and having Lindos music at your next concert. I think it flows

Unknown Speaker 27:10
so well. It's what you know, I've seen I've seen you twice now and every time I've been or the left those couple of times have been incredibly impressed and that's why Toby shall make cheese right up our alley man like we got to you know, we have to have her on the series and

Unknown Speaker 27:23
thank you. All

Unknown Speaker 27:25
right, you've been listening to besides morning brew with Bayesian Niles and our guests singer songwriter vocalist Linda Woodson, and keyboardist, composer, arranger educator, all around amazing human UI guyson door for for joining us on beside morning brew and Bs in Niles. If you would like to hear more of Linda's music, you can go to Linda, or find her on her YouTube channel. And if you'd like to hear more of guli guyson door offers projects, you can go to Vegas So we'd like to thank you both for coming in today.

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Thank you. It was wonderful to be with you guys. Wow, it's

Unknown Speaker 28:04
so great to talk to them and Linda and catch up with Hooli just really exemplifies the great music community that exists in Las Vegas.

Unknown Speaker 28:16
It does and she's so nice. And you know, like I said, I've seen her a couple times live really and invited me and she's incredible life. I mean, she really is which is why we look forward to having her on our upcoming show at the Smith Center in September, which will tell tell you all about soon where to get lunch. So we're really looking forward to that. But yeah, incredible singer, incredible performer and a beautiful album. Well,

Unknown Speaker 28:41
I guess it's time to wrap it up. Right. We got to get on and get ready for I know that you're working on some music. I'm working on some music, we got to work on our album. Together. We'll talk more about that. It's a busy moment. I mean, we're not letting the grass grow underneath our feet here. Oh, well, we'd like to take a moment to thank 91.5k u and v jazz and more for being our media partners and our amazing hosts. And we'd also like to thank high note roasters for being one of our partners and, and being delicious. If you'd like to know more about what Niles and myself are up to, we invite you to visit Niles or be John

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Good morning everyone.

Unknown Speaker 29:25
And we'll see you soon. Later. Later.

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You been listening to besides morning brew with beach and Niles chillin on the corner of lifestyle app

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and music stream on 91.5k u and v jazz

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